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Black Walnut Trails Mission Statement: "To use the proper authority of the Black Walnut Trails Association Board to help increase the value of both homes and common areas of BWT and to promote an environment that fosters community and natural beauty."

Neighborhood News
 Black Walnut Trails Owners Association E-Blast
July 2017
Due to a deadline of July 10 regarding homeowner request for differently-sized refuse containers, we are sending this email out earlier than usual.
Board Appoints Jeff Hendrichs and Debbie Snyder as Directors
Welcome to our new BWTOA Board Directors, Jeff Hendrichs and Debbie Snyder.  Jeff and Debbie were unanimously approved to serve as directors on our board.  Their appointments bring the board to its full seven member capacity.  We appreciate their interest and willingness to serve our association as directors.
Garbage Service Provider Change
As you may know, the Village is changing the curbside waste collection service.  The following has been copied from the Village of Sugar Grove email notice:
The Village of Sugar Grove Board is pleased to announce that beginning on Jul 31, 2017 DC Trash of Illinois will begin providing curbside waste collection service.  The curbside service has been expanded to include additional items.  Residents will now be able to easily dispose of weekly household refuse, recycling, yard waste, and bulk items as before and will now have access to curbside service that includes; the weekly curbside collection of white goods, monthly curbside collection of electronics, and quarterly curbside pickup of household hazardous waste.
Collection days will change, please see the attached list and map to find the day of your collection.  Also attached is a calendar with the dates of pickup for electronics, household hazardous waste, and white goods.  One thing that will  not change is the monthly fee for refuse.
Each household will receive a new 65-gallon cart for their recyclables and a 96-gallon refuse cart.  The carts will be of the same shape and size as provided currently.   DC Trash will drop off the new carts the week of July 17, 2017.   Residents may request an alternate size (65-gallon or 35-gallon) container for refuse and/or recycling at no cost until July 10th.  To receive an alternate size cart please call to DC Trash at 815/758-7274 to make the request no later than July 10th. After this date there will be an exchange fee of $35 per container.
After the first year Residents will be able to replace containers once per year at no charge and at any time should they be damaged.
Carts will be delivered the week of July 17, 2017. Please do not use these containers until after your last pick up by Waste Management.  Waste Management’s last week of service will be July 24th (pick up days of July 25th and 26th).  Please leave the Waste Management containers curbside until picked up.
The first day we will be using the new garbage and recycling cans is Thursday, August 3, and on Thursdays (with the possible exclusion of holidays) thereafter.  No more waiting for a twice a year pickup of white goods. DC Trash will provide this service weekly.  No more hauling your electronics and household hazardous materials to an alternate location.   DC Trash will pick up electronics weekly beginning August 7 and household hazardous waste quarterly beginning October 10 at your curb.  Hazardous waste must be placed in a sturdy container or cardboard box.  These services do require prior notification; however, it is easy to request a pickup.  Simply contact the Village one week in advance at 630/391-7200 or schedule the pickup online at  This link is easily found on our website under the “Residents” tab.  Also, one bulk item such as a mattress, chair, table, etc. is allowed per week.  If you have questions as to what makes up a bulk item, contact DC Trash at the number listed below.  Please have all items at the curb no later than 6:00 a.m. on your pick-up day.
President Michels stated, “That the Village is extremely pleased to have negotiated this contract with DC Trash of Illinois, a local company.  We are proud to support a local growing business and offer this greatly expanded service.  The Village does it best to keep Sugar Grove a welcoming, clean, and green community.  Staff is hard at work; removing trees devastated by the Emerald Ash Borer, trimming parkway trees, filling potholes, mowing, and maintaining street signs and lights.   Please help us be a tidy town and follow guidelines for refuse and recycling and the disposal of other items.   This expanded service will allow you to dispose of items in an easy safe way to keep your neighborhood and our community welcoming”.
Mr. Dan Christensen President of DC Trash of Illinois stated that, “DC Trash is looking forward to serving Sugar Grove and by offering this expanded service help them conveniently keep our planet green.  DC Trash puts the customer first and their satisfaction is of the utmost importance.   We provide a hometown touch that’s always just a phone call away. We have a call center (815/758-7274) with customer service representative standing by to help provide assistance.”
Management Company Interviews
The board of directors will be exploring the use of a management company for the Black Walnut Trails Owners Association.  The needs of our association are quickly outgrowing the expertise and capabilities of the seven volunteers that make up the board.  We will be ascertaining if and how a management company can assist in the following areas:
-Paid assessment letters
-Annual assessment letters, follow ups, lien letters, lien filing
-Infraction letters, follow up/enforcement
-Response to complaints
-Contract negotiations
-Website maintenance
-Coordination with attorney
-Advice on issues with which we do not have experience
-Annual meeting packets
-Coordination of large projects
-Consultation regarding covenants, by laws, and rules & regulations.
The board hopes to interview management companies at our next board meeting.  Please feel free to contact Craig Gaska at or 630-466-1149 if you have any questions.
Trail Repair
Inquiries have been received regarding the status of the new trail along the East pond.  You may have noticed that water pools on the North side of the trail after heavy rains.  The board is working with Evans and Sons to remediate the problem with the installation of piping to allow water to run through to the pond.  This is scheduled for sometime this summer. 
Have a great 4th of July!
Black Walnut Owners Association
July 2017 Suppplement--West Pond
Recently, the west pond has had some issues that have resulted in it looking unattractive. Our representative at Clarke Aquatic has provided us with some information as to why. The two major growths in the pond are algae and duckweed.  In an effort to minimize cost, BWTOA has for the last several years treated for algae but not duckweed. Duckweed presence over the years has varied; it is particularly bad this year due to the hot, dry weather. It is not uncommon to see a significant improvement in the amount of duckweed after a good rain as it helps to flush the pond out. Right now, the algae growth is unusually high due to low oxygen levels; this results in a situation where Clarke is unable to add algaecides to the water. This has been the case during their last two visits. Where does this leave us? Rain will most certainly help the situation. Once oxygen levels go back up, Clarke will be able to treat the algae. Also, the Board has requested a proposal and will be discussing the possibility of adding duckweed treatments to our list of services. Please know that the Board is aware of the situation and will be working to improve it.
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Architectural Modifications Approval Guidelines
According to our BWTOA Covenants, all exterior remodeling (decks, additions, modifications, roofing, etc.) and hardscape (patios, exterior structures, etc.) projects must be submitted to the Architectural Review & Modifications Committee for review and approval. Go to Committees > Architectural Review > Approval Guidelines to find out how to submit your project, or simply click here:  Get Guidelines.

Member Update Information 
If you need to submit corrrected or updated information for the BWT directory, go to the Documents page of this site and click on Member Directory Update link.
The only non-pickup days for Garbage are:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Paper bag yard waste is collected April 1st-end of November