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Black Walnut Trails Mission Statement: "To use the proper authority of the Black Walnut Trails Association Board to help increase the value of both homes and common areas of BWT and to promote an environment that fosters community and natural beauty."

Neighborhood News
 Black Walnut Trails Owners Association E-Blast
September 2016
We hope you are enjoying the last days of summer!  We hope you can take advantage of these last few days by joining your neighbors and friends at our BWTOA park and playground.
Reminder of the Second Annual BWTOA Picnic
The second annual BWTOA picnic will be held on Sunday, September 25, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  The format for the picnic will be the same as last year: bring a dish to pass, non-alcoholic beverages (they are not allowed in the playground/picnic area), chairs, table setting, and games.  The board wishes to thank Mrs. Cassie Blickem and the BWTOA Activities Committee for organizing this event.  Please contact Cassie Blickem at if you have any questions or need more information.
Fall weather will soon be here and with it comes leaves turning beautiful shades of yellow, red, and orange before they fall to the ground. 
Yard Waste Deadline
You can dispose of your fall leaves in two ways:  gather them or mulch them as yard waste pick-up, or burn them.  Yard waste pick-up will be available through Waste Management through November 30. 
Fall Leaf Burning
If you want to burn your leaves or anything else for that matter, please adhere to the village ordinances concerning fires and fire pits:  “Burning and open fires of any combustible materials of whatever type and kind within the village limits are prohibited…” This means you cannot use fuel oil, paint, kerosene, paints, cesium, magnesium, aluminum powder, calcium, sawdust, plastic dust, coal, flour and powdered metal.  Also be aware that liquids such as gasoline, ethanol, turpentine, potassium sulfide, naphthalene and sulfur are flammable materials that give off vapors below 100 degrees Fahrenheit and should not be inhaled.  “Any such times that any open burning is being maintained at any location for any reason, the fire must be attended by an adult owner of the property on which the fire is being maintained or a supervisory person, eighteen (18) years or older, in charge of the persons conducting the burning.”  As far as where you can burn, the village is very specific, “No open burning may be maintained upon any public right of way in the village … The burning must also be maintained a distance of not less than twenty feet (20’) from any such right of way.  Burning must be maintained a distance of not less than five feet (5’) from any neighboring side or rear lot line and not less than twenty feet (20’) from any structure.”  Always be aware of any low hanging tree branches or any other plant that can catch on fire from floating embers.  Grass clippings, construction wood, and fire wood brought in from other areas contain toxic fumes and insects that are harmful.  Please be especially careful when burning!
Lawn Fertilizers
Fall also means one last fertilizing of your lawn.  Did you know that chemical fertilizers are not allowed in Black Walnut Trails?  Please check with your lawn service provider to make sure that safe products are being used.  Everything that we use on our lawn ends up in our ponds, which then drains into Carson Slough.  Natural fertilizers will help limit the algae growth we see in our ponds during the summer and will prevent other environmental problems.  Our covenants state under Article II, Section14, “In order to protect the natural habitat adjacent to the property, commonly known as Carson Slough, each Lot owner shall be restricted to the use of only slow release fertilizers of organic formulations. Pesticides shall also be limited to non-persistent organic compounds (e.g. rotenone, pyrethins, insecticidal and herbicidal soaps) and such others as approved by the Illinois Department of Conservation.”  Thanks for your compliance.
Trail Contract
We are pleased to announce that the BWTOA Board has decided to award a contract to repave the trail along the east pond to Evans and Son Blacktop Inc.  Work will begin this fall and the project should only take a few days. 
Sugar Grove Expresses Interest in Metronet
Metronet Inc is currently being deployed in Plainfield and in discussions with Oswego.  Officials of Sugar Grove have let this provider know that they would like to have Metronet bring their service to the Sugar Grove area.  If you would be interested in their services we ask that you email Kathy Scheller at and let her know that you are interested.   Place ‘Sugar Grove is Interested’ in the subject line.    A website explaining their services is expected to be up and running soon.  We will forward that information to you as soon as it is available.  
Safety Reminders from the Village of Sugar Grove
The Village of Sugar Grove has sent out the following reminder now that school is back in session:
-Remember, don't pass a school bus stopped for passengers.
-Slow down in all marked school zones.
-Watch for excited kids going back to school.
-Stay off all cellphones and other electronic devices in school zones (and of course everywhere if you are not hands free!).
-Pay attention, slow down so the children can hurry and  get to school to pay attention. 
If you wish more information, or want to receive notices like the two above, contact Cindy Galbreath at this link (
You Can Help Minimize Mosquitoes
Have you noticed how bad mosquitoes are this year?  One of our association members has put together the following information to help us combat these pesky insects:
Common items mosquitoes use to lay their eggs around your home:
Bird baths
Artificial containers used to collect rain water
Plant containers, especially ones that have saucers on the bottom
Leaking hose bibs and hose ends
Clogged gutters
Window wells
Low depression areas in lawns
Leaf and firewood piles
Holes in trees that hold water
Plant axils
Reducing these sites around your home:
Change the water and clean birdbaths every 2-3 days. Cleaning the bath removes organic matter and changing the water removes any mosquito eggs or larvae.
Turn over yard items that could hold water, such as:  Dog bowls, plant saucers, empty pots, plastic toys that are not being used.
Clear leaves from eaves, gutters, and window wells.
Fill in low depression areas in lawns.
Remove firewood piles.
Remove dense brush and weeds where mosquitos rest and hide during the day.
Treat foliage with an insecticide. (Please see above article titled ‘Lawn Fertilizers’ for approved pesticides.)
Don't get bitten.  An average mosquito lays a 100 eggs after a blood meal and can lay eggs 3 times before it dies.
For further information on mosquito control please visit these CDC websites:
Sugar Grove Informs of Com Ed Scam Alert
“Scam Alert:  ComEd has seen an increase in reports of individuals calling ComEd customers and falsely claiming their electric service will be disconnected unless payment is made.  These impersonators instruct customers to buy a prepaid credit card and call back to a different phone number with the personal identification number (PIN) or other personal information. They also use a tactic called “Caller ID spoofing” to manipulate the displayed phone number so that it appears as a ComEd number.  Remember:  ComEd representatives will never call you to ask you for cash or request that you purchase a prepaid credit card to make a payment on your bill. If you have concerns about the status of your account, call ComEd’s Customer Service line at 800-334-7661 (800-EDISON1).  If you believe you have been the target of a phone scam, ComEd urges you to contact the Illinois Attorney General’s office at 800-386-5438 (TTY 800-964-3013), or visit and click on the “Protecting Consumers” link.”
Have a safe and enjoyable month!

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Village/Community News

Architectural Modifications Approval Guidelines
According to our BWTOA Covenants, all exterior remodeling (decks, additions, modifications, roofing, etc.) and hardscape (patios, exterior structures, etc.) projects must be submitted to the Architectural Review & Modifications Committee for review and approval. Go to Committees > Architectural Review > Approval Guidelines to find out how to submit your project, or simply click here:  Get Guidelines.

Member Update Information 
If you need to submit corrrected or updated information for the BWT directory, go to the Documents page of this site and click on Member Directory Update link.
The only non-pickup days for Garbage are:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Paper bag yard waste is collected April 1st-end of November