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The Black Walnut Trails Owners Association, Inc. was incorporated shortly after the Developer, Custom Source, which was a division of St. Paul Financial Corp, turned over the management of this association to the property owners in July, 1999.
     Our Association consists of 198 single family residential lots in Black Walnut Trails Units I through IV, plus common areas including two BWT entrances on Denny Road, several cul-de-sacs in various areas of our community, two ponds and the land surrounding them (lots 169 and 170), and land surrounding a drainage ditch (lot 122). Also within our boundaries are a child's playground, a basketball court, and a Woodlands Conservatory, all owned and maintained by the Village of Sugar Grove.

     The Association's geographical boundaries are as follows:
North--up to Denny Road
East--up to residential property and the Carsons Slough in an unincorporated area adjacent to the rear lot line of homes on the east side of Pinecrest Drive and Pembridge Place, up to the wetlands adjacent to rear lot lines of two homes on Longview Court and Association property east of the ponds and three lots on Edgewood Court.
South--up to Windstone Manor
West--up to Windstone Community Association (the original Windstone development) and up to Black Walnut Trails Units VI and VII, which are part of the Windstone Community Association.

     The Board of Directors manages the affairs of our Association via its officers assisted by various committees. The Association meets annually in February to elect directors for two year terms and to approve a budget and property assessments for each year.
     The Declaration of Covenants, the By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations are the guides used by the directors and officers in performing their responsibilities.

Written by Joe Kurtzke (Spring, 2002)